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Painting courses

Painting courses Autumn 2023

Nic is holding painting courses at his family home painting studio in Hove East Sussex. The garden studio is located at the end of a stunning 100ft garden. The garden is beautiful & full of inspirational vistas & magical features - plenty of things to inspire you

The course will intergrate abstract art and expressionist painting techniques using acrylic paints.

If the weather is fine we will work outside if not we will work in the studio itself.

A canvas will be supplied for you which you can later take home and impress your friends and family with.

All brushes and paints are supplied by Nic.

Just bring a packed lunch if required and an apron if you have one.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are supplied for you.

The day course itinerary is as follows:


The Studios

27 Hogarth Road 



Start time: 11 am (parking is free after that time)

Nic will start by giving a talk about his work and demonstrate for 30 minutes a wide range of painting techniques he employs to create his work and to find out what you'd like to paint yourselves. There is plenty of interesting things to choose from in Nics beautiful garden, although your inspiration could also be an idea, thought or emotion in your mind that you'd like to convey on canvas, or possibly a mixture of both.

The course isn't about the end product necessarily, more about enjoying the process and experimentation with bold colour and free-style technique.

We will paint till 12.30pm and then have a quick lunch..then back to work.

By 2.45pm we can start to finish up our painting and at 3.15 we will assess and admire and discuss each others efforts

The day course will finish at 4.00pm

For a one day course it will cost £100 per person

Minimum two - Maximum three people 

Please email for the course dates available

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