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About Nic's work

"My paintings and artwork are inspired by thoughts dreams and memories. I liken them to dream state painting, or a Hypnagogic state,  which is around the time when you're awake but slowly drifting into sleep. Between consciousness and touching the subconscious. It is here, that I see shapes emerging. My imagery can also be a representation or a distortion of a memory, an old photo, or even a thought can inspire my work. Also what is happening in the world can have an impact on my artwork as well as my garden pervades my thoughts. I believe an artist should reflect the world in which they live, through their work. 

Colour plays a key role and the vibrancy of the colour palette can dictate the emotion of the painting. A splash, or the softening of the under painting can lead to a new idea emerging.

When I was a child, I fascinated by a random pattern on the Lino in our bathroom. I would stare at it and see faces or shapes that weren’t intended on being there emerge. My painting style seems to evolved into this style over time. Maybe it was there all along, it just took a long time to appear."

Art therapy

Nic has qualified and has achieved certification in life coaching, art therapy and counselling to level 3 which he utilises in all aspects to his art teachings. He offers abstract art tuition at his home studio in Hove, East Sussex.

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